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Tira for IT


 LAN Network Design and Installation:
- Network design and implementation to suit your needs.
- Help you decide what network components are suitable for
  your requirements.
- Help with purchase of components, install and configuration.
- Train your in-house IT personnel so they can become
  familiar with the details of any solution we provide.

WAN Networking:
Remote access and VPN solutions:
Secure connections to the company’s network
from the internet using VPN
System Administration:
- Software Installation
- Windows and Unix (Linux) Operating Systems
- E-Mail
- File and Print Sharing
- DNS-, Proxy-, Web-, FTP-Server




1.    Online Shopping
An easy way to sell your products online. With this complete solution you will have your product oriented website with an integrated online shopping cart for those products.


2.    CRM System (Customer Relationship Management System)
If you are a non-profit organization or a company with large number of clients, we can offer you a solution to manage your members (clients). You will have a flexible database with all options you need.


3.    Reservation System
4.    WIKI
5.    Events management system with integrated calendar.
6.    DMS (Document Management System)
7.    Workflow
8.    Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)